IPM - Integrated Plant Management Program 

1. IPM - Integrated Plant
Management Program
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1. IPM - Integrated Pest Management Program

All programs conform with Provincial Legislation
IPM is a turf management strategy that promotes all necessary techniques to effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner suppress pests and maintain healthy, vibrant lawns. IPM employs a two pronged approach; manage turf grass using proven cultural practices and use "thresholds" to decide how and when to treat pests.
IPM utilizes approved pest control products as well as both Synthetic and Natural Fertilizers. Treatment for pests are only performed when "thresholds" justify it. Recommendations and treatments for the current year can be based upon the previous years' findings.

 Visit 1   Visit 2
Visit 1 (April - May)
  • EARLY SPRING FERTILIZER / Fiesta Weed Management
Visit 2 (May - June)
  • LATE SPRING FERTILIZER / Fiesta Weed Management

  Visit 3   Visit 4
Visit 3 (June - Aug)
  • TURF BIOSTIMULANT / FERTILIZER: Promotes cell development and shoot growth, helps lawns during periods of heat and drought stress.
Visit 4 (Sept - Nov)

Monitor and Analysis Each Visit
Observations and recommendations will be forwarded during the above schedule.

 Additional Services Offered:
  • CORE AERATION (may be performed Spring or Fall): *Highly recommended for every annual lawn care program
  • ORGANIC PATIO VEGETATION CONTROL: Non-selective vegetation killer to control grass and weeds in all hard paved surfaces
  • NEMATODE GRUB CONTROL: Inspection & treatment as required
  • OVERSEEDING (see Program #3 - Overseeding)
  • SPRINKLER HEAD MARKING SERVICE - for Core Aeration and/or Overseeding customers - to be scheduled for fall unless special arrangements have been made.
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